We are in this together to re-create the New Earth one person at a time . . .

To Attain Freedom In All Spheres, Always.

As leaders and influencers with a sovereign calling, we’re driven to do our part to elevate the vibration of the entire planet. We know that it's our birthright to thrive in a reality of freedom in every aspect of our lives.

I created the House of Sovereignty to connect a global community of spiritual rebels who seek to own their power and achieve authentic, profound liberation in life.

The House of Sovereignty is a fortress that houses gifted individuals and strengthens their capacity for greatness. A multiplex enterprise, the House of Sovereignty contains multiple arms – from our sacred Temple of spiritual teachings and coaching, to our pioneering Tribe of free-thinkers and indigo warriors, to our media and publishing houses which helps spiritual entrepreneurs to own their voice and connect new readers more deeply with the Universe.

The House of Sovereignty is a global empire of pioneers who have chosen to forego the beaten path and step into their true authority. It doesn’t matter whether you’re taking your first step, or guiding others along the way. You’re all welcome. It’s a home for anyone looking to stand in their own frequency, master their abilities, and unlock their soul purpose, and be truly sovereign.

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Do you want to be able to understand the magic of the Multiverse? Do you want to be happy, and live a life of purpose and passion? Welcome to the Temple of Sovereignty. We teach our community how to connect more deeply with the Multiverse and to master their energy field and physic abilities.

With spiritual courses and coaching available for all skill levels, learn powerful lessons including how to control your energy field to control your life. If you're ready to step into your sovereignty and power, the best way is to start here!
For the free-thinkers, the Indigo warriors, the spiritual rebels and the truly enlightened who wish to break the shackles and embrace sovereignty - your Tribe awaits.

As a legally sovereign citizen, I know first-hand the work involved to attain true freedom - both the legal AND the energy work. Open by invitation only, the Tribe of Sovereignty offers bespoke, customised mentorship from legal referrals to the inner energy work required to truly become sovereign in life.

This is an ultra-exclusive community of gifted rebels and pioneers creating the New Earth.
The world’s foremost spiritual media platform with several publishing houses, including the Publishing House of Sovereignty and Inspire Magazine.

Helping readers to connect more deeply with the Universe and their consciousness, the Publishing House of Sovereignty also helps spiritual rebels and entrepreneurs to own their voice and share their stories on a global platform without censorship.

If you’re ready to share your expertise and experience with the world, it’s gonna take some bold steps. Many people dream of becoming an author… and with a little help from the Publishing House of Sovereignty, this can become reality!

Our team has created many bestselling single and multi-author books, and Eleonor Amora's coaching program will support you through the entire journey - from writing and editing support, to design, marketing, and more.

Don't wait - claim your voice and start realising your dreams today!

Eleonor Amora is an internationally acclaimed expert in energy healing, highly esteemed as the forefront coach for spiritual warriors known as Indigos. Renowned for her groundbreaking work in esotericism, Eleonor Amora is an award-winning international best-selling author who has published over ten bestsellers. 

With over 25 years of experience, Eleonor Amora has been featured for her authority on energy work and the Indigo awakening on television, podcasts, radio, and in magazines. Her award-winning publications on the intersection of womanhood, entrepreneurship, and metaphysics have achieved critical acclaim. 

As a spiritual philanthropist and innovator, Eleonor Amora founded the House of Sovereignty multiplex enterprise where she is committed to changing lives through exponentially expanding and strengthening her community of spiritual rebels. Her publishing and media arms help readers connect to the Universe and their consciousness on a deeper level.

“I don’t tell people what to think. I show them how to think for themselves.”

My experience was an uplifting and grounding one at the same time. Eleonor is power, clarity and hope all in the same energy, and so much more. I full heartedly recommend her, but you have to invest your time, will and effort going into this program. It’s a choice to have to choose each day, several times a day. But you can get there with the help of the coaching she provides.

- Alexandra Solei

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