Testimonials for Indigo and Spiritual Warrior

Eleonor Amora.

I reached out to Eleonor when I was feeling really bad and off balance. I had sleep paralysis almost every night, and felt totally helpless and scared. I was also going to move into a new apartment, and wanted the best possible start.

As an empath I needed help to not to scan all the time, and Eleonor gave me the tools to do thato I could take control and responsibility over my reality. She also pointed out a lot of patterns in my mind, behaviour and emotions I couldn’t see clearly myself. I am forever grateful to Eleonor and her help. She literally saved my life.

Eleonor coaches gently when needed, encouraging all through the process and gives tough love when the client is ready for it. All the while while never losing faith in you. She gives you the tools so you can overcome your issues, but it is up to you to use them. She makes sure never to let you become dependent on her, even if you try to. For me, that’s the true essence of a coach.

My greatest learning experience is that it is up to me to take ownership and responsibility of my issues. No one is going to do the work for me. That might be something I knew before, but still in a sense hoped for in my victim-mentality. What I learned and experienced during our coaching is the actual belief and proof that yes, I had the power to do it myself. I still have. The whole process was and is affecting me today.

My experience was an uplifting and grounding one at the same time.

Eleonor is power, clarity and hope all in the same energy, and so much more. I full heartedly recommend her, but you have to invest your time, will and effort going into this program.

It’s a choice to have to choose each day, several times a day. But you can get there with the help of the coaching she provides.

- Alexandra Solei

One of the biggest breakthroughs was being able to be more bold and brave.

- Mira Mård

“The offer to write for a multi-author book made it possible to tell my story in a completely different way than I had planned from the beginning. With solid tips and advice to listen inward and to let the story write itself.”

- Lotta Jönsson

I am a very powerful woman, I know this but thanks to Eleonor teaching me how to control my own energy field, that has been so crucial for me to come back from fatigue syndrome, depression and severe anxiety.

I feel so much more confident now, and I am not leaking as much energy as much as I had my whole life. She has helped me tremendously.

- Yvonne Kvistgaard

One session with you SERIOUSLY changed my life! The tools you gave me are unlike anything I have ever seen before!

- Colleen Reagan Noon