Welcome, Indigo Warrior.

Your tribe awaits your arrival.

You’ve attained spiritual sovereignty, you’re sick of being just another number in the system, and now it’s time for the next step.

The tribe is not for everyone — after all, gifts such as yours aren’t common. They’re unearthed in our lifetime for a purpose. The Tribe of Sovereignty is a space to grow those gifts.

You’re a free-thinker, a maverick, a pioneer; but that’s not all you are...

You want to be the leader of your own life

You need greater clarity on your purpose and path of service

You crave a deeper connection to and understanding of your energetic
power centre and boundaries, and how to use them

Indigos have been planting the seeds for the New Age. Now is the time to make actual, tangible changes as the highly intuitive creative visionaries you really are, and claim your Sovereign Birthright.

You are a visionary, creative being who seeks to make an authentic, powerful impact on the world in the way that only you can.

You value the role of intuition and your own higher knowing in your work, decision-making, and life. As an Indigo, you are committed to creating a life and relationships that truly sustain you and allow you to care for those you serve from a full cup.

Eleonor Amora offers bespoke energy work and coaching to individuals going through the process of becoming a sovereign citizen. For many, navigating this complex and oft-misunderstood pathway can be isolating, difficult, and lonely – which is exactly why Eleonor is building an engaged community of sovereigns who have navigated this process first-hand and understand the strength and freedom of true sovereignty.  

Be part of an engaged community of visionaries, change-makers, and spiritual rebels who have a dream to create change in a better and greater way. By connecting with this community who have the drive to inspire change in the world the process of becoming a sovereign citizen rises to a new level.

This coaching is ultra-exclusive, as people with these giftings are rare. They’re born for a specific purpose, and my gift is to call forth that purpose.

A peek into the Tribe:

A connected sovereign community

Referrals to the best legal support for your circumstances

Mentorship and energy work required to support you on the next step of your journey to becoming truly sovereign and free

Eleonor helped me through this process by very fiercely pushing me towards seeing who I am and what I can be in the now. She made me see my own way, my niche, that my heritage is something to be proud of. She is very supportive.

- Mira Mård