Do you dream of using your voice to create a legacy?

What if your story could be a powerful inspiration to others?

Maybe you have tried to make your dream a reality in the past only to be met with roadblocks, and left feeling frustrated and uninspired. Don’t allow your words (and dreams) to disappear because you feel alone and uncertain about the process of getting published.

With the expert guidance of the Media and Publishing House of Sovereignty, you can embark on a journey where your dream of being a published author is not just possible – it’s guaranteed, with support every step of the way. As the leading inspirational and spiritual publishing house, the Media and Publishing House of Sovereignty has a history of launching global best sellers across a wide variety of categories including Mysticism and Spirituality, New Age Self Help and Inspirational Personal Testimonies. With options to publish in either English and Swedish, every launch to date has become a multi-category best-seller upon release – like the recent release of Arise, which became the #1 bestseller in FIFTEEN categories within just hours of launch!

The time to make your dreams a reality is NOW!
Are you ready to let the world hear your voice?

Multi-Author Online Program

When you start your publishing journey and contribute your voice to one of our best selling multi-author books, you will also receive exclusive access to a carefully curated online authorship program created by best-selling author Eleonor Amora. Eleonor shares her extensive experience and gives expert guidance to help you navigate the entire process of becoming a published author – from ways of writing to connect with your creativity and audience, to the marketing, promotional, and entrepreneurial skill sets needed to launch and market your work, Eleonor shares everything you need to know to become a successful author.

Access to the course is available throughout the duration of the writing and launch process. Additionally, you will receive support from Eleonor and her team of experts at the Publishing House of Sovereignty who have successfully launched countless best sellers across a variety of the industries largest categories, from inspirational stories, to spirituality, and new age self-help.

You will also have access to an active and engaged community of fellow authors as you journey through this process, and benefits from a supportive cohort of peers and other successful authors from the Publishing House of Sovereignty community.

To start your journey and choose which book you’ll contribute to, view our multi author books here.

Authorship Group Coaching

If you are a contributor in one of Eleonor’s best selling multi-author books, joining her group coaching is the key to taking your craft to the next level. You will learn first hand how to become a successful spiritual entrepreneur and how to use your voice to create a lasting inspirational legacy. With intimate fortnightly sessions, you will receive exceptional guidance and support from Eleonor who knows how to create impactful stories and navigate the complexities of marketing a bestseller.

What you get in group coaching program:

Duration: 3 months | $10k / month

1:1 Authorship Coaching

If you are ready to fully commit to using your voice to build your legacy, this is the pathway to becoming a successful author of your own dedicated book. Through this format, you will receive unparalleled support and mentorship from Eleonor, working with you 1:1 to develop the creative and business skills you need for a flourishing career, and culminating in the Publishing House of Sovereignty helping launch your dedicated book to massive global success.

Dedicated to giving you the tools to empower you to succeed, each session is completely tailored to your needs. Starting with
a bespoke 1:1 two-day coaching intensive, Eleonor works with you to uncover any spiritual and energetic blocks that might be impeding your success, as well as creating a blueprint of the creative and entrepreneurial mentorship needed to launch you to the next level. Once you have created a plan of action, weekly sessions with Eleonor will guide you through the authorship process with the skill and experience only a multiple time best-selling author and global publishing house founder can.

As a private client you will get:

Marketing support for your book, including a dedicated web page, social media launch, and global PR campaign

Duration: 1 month intensive journey | $50k