I don’t tell people what to think. I show them how to think for themselves.

Eleonor Amora is change personified.

An internationally acclaimed expert in energy healing, Eleonor Amora has been clairvoyant since birth and went through hell and back in the process to understand and master her profound gifts. With firsthand experience and understanding that lighting a candle and praying for love and light just doesn’t cut it for anyone looking to get real about their physic and spiritual mastery, Eleonor Amora embarked on a pathway to help other attuned individuals to master their gifts, control their energy fields, and become experts at psychic self-defence.

Eleonor Amora’s Journey

Many decades ago Eleonor Amora attempted suicide. When her physical body stopped breathing, she crossed the veil. From the veil, her being was absorbed into the Void, and there a profound transformation occurred. The imbalance that led to her suicide attempt was healed and furthermore, her spiritual gifts became magnified. Eleonor Amora’s Divine Self and previous incarnations became integrated in her physical body. Eleonor Amora is a Medical Multidimensional Medium.

She chose to bring her gifts back to her body in this lifetime. This is where her most foundational teachings come from.

Philosophy & Beliefs

Now highly esteemed as the forefront coach for spiritual warriors known
as Indigos, Eleonor Amora is globally renowned for her groundbreaking work in esotericism. Her mission is to connect a global community of spiritual rebels and show them that the true path to power comes when you operate from a state of complete sovereignty and personal mastery over your energy field. She supports her proteges to break free from limiting belief systems, and empowers them to heal and rise above the challenges – no more giving away power, no more feeding psychic predators, and no more believing that they’re small and helpless.

What does Eleonor Amora believe?

Eleonor Amora’s core philosophies underpin the work the she does in every arm of the House of Sovereignty multiplex, where she inspires and guides her proteges that:

You are more powerful than you know, and capable of achieving complete freedom on all levels.

Time, space, and all beings are interlinked through the Multidimensional Cosmic Web

Until Indigos and empaths learn to control their energy they are easy victims for psychic predators

You are in charge of your reality, your energy, and your spiritual field. Once you know this, you can break free from victimhood and codependency

People are waking up from their deep slumber which makes it impossible to slide back into amnesia again

She is 100% certain that you have within you the power to control and create your own reality. You are a sovereign being! And you deserve the highest level of support to learn how to use this power to experience true freedom.

Many in the spiritual community teach to only focus on the light and the love, but Eleonor Amora believes that in order to move forward, we also need to work with the shadows and the darkness of our history. 

At the center of her work is a sophisticated understanding of energy. Everything is made of energy, a flowing system of movement, just like breathing and blood circulation. Illness and other imbalances are caused by blockages in the natural movement of life force.

Energy is indestructible. We can only redirect where it should take its expression.
Wellness is sustained by ensuring that the energy flows freely.

One of Eleonor Amora’s goals is to ensure that her personal clients activate their natural abilities without creating new imbalances through initiations and psychic implants. 

It is through personalized guidance, practices, and transmissions that they are able to break free from the amnesia of incarnation and remember the power path of their eternal soul. It is not until we reach the critical mass of numbers waking up to their inner potentials and remembering who they truly are, that we can create the new structure of our society. 

As a spiritual philanthropist and innovator, Eleonor Amora founded the House of Sovereignty multiplex enterprise where she is committed to changing lives through exponentially expanding and strengthening her community of spiritual rebels. Eleonor Amora is an award-winning international best-selling author who has published over ten bestsellers. She founded her publishing and media arms to teach and support budding authors to successfully use their voices and stories to build an inspiring legacy, while helping readers connect to the Universe and their consciousness on a deeper level.

With over 25 years of experience as a therapist and coach, Eleonor Amora’s been featured for her authority on energy work and the Indigo awakening on television, podcasts, radio, and in magazines. Her award-winning publications on the intersection of womanhood, entrepreneurship, and metaphysics have achieved critical acclaim.

The greatest learning experience was that she made me aware of my patterns and triggers. She made me face my dark side,…. She gave me the realization that I owned my reality, she made me believe in that. I am not a victim of my circumstances. She makes me believe in my inner strengths. She just turned my world upside down, She is just outstanding!

- Lotta Jönsson